Salary requirements for sponsoring your dependents in UAE

Are you living alone in the UAE and want to bring your family to stay with you in the country,? The first thing you will require for them is a Family Visa in UAE. But sponsoring your parents or other dependents in the country can be a little overwhelming process. However, with a document processing firm it can make it quite easy.

This article will be discussing the salary required for sponsoring your dependents in UAE.

Sponsoring your parents

For sponsoring your parents and or parents-in-law in the UAE, your monthly salary should be above 20,000 AED (or 19,000 AED with accommodation). You can however send a request at your local immigration department and submit a request for an exception, if you do not meet this salary requirement. This department will make decision according to your case on a humanitarian basis.

Plus you must sponsor both of your parents, or submit a related certificate in case they are divorced or any one of them is diseased. You also must have a proof that you are the only provider and care taker of your parents, or in laws, as well as a proof of your relationship. You also must have an attested rental contract showing that you have at least a two-bedroom apartment. Once all the formalities are completed and if your application is accepted, entry permits for your parents will be given to you.

Sponsoring a domestic worker

You can also sponsor your domestic workers including your maid, driver or nanny to this Arabian country. But if you are a single man, then you won’t be allowed to sponsor a female domestic worker.

You must have a salary of at least 6,000 AED per month (or 5,000 AED if accommodation is included).  Just like when sponsoring your parents, you must show an attested rental contract proving that you have an accommodation of at least two-bedrooms. You would also have to sign an affidavit showing that you are not related to the domestic worker coming from your home country.

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