Interior design – The secret to belittle workplace boredom 

Often offices are associated with a boring and dull environment. The latest trends in office interior reflect a major shift away from that old lifeless and stiff office interiors. This is because these current interior designs are being influenced by the hospitality industry, the economy and the need for legitimacy. The top interior design companies Dubai are giving more and more attention to replacing boring office with a visually stimulating and youth-focused office that too in a cost-effective way.

They are introducing changeable lighting systems to create a variety of moods. The introduction of decked out kitchen areas is also signaling a new era of culture in office designs. Lounge spaces are being preferred instead of traditional conference rooms for better exchange of ideas. Below are some more interior design elements that bring in modesty.


Furniture is an important element to any interior design as it reflects the message the interior wants to express. Selection of ergonomic chairs is also being preferred to avoid prolonged sitting and provide a high level of comfort. This gives them a sense of freedom and support mobility and flexibility.

Open Spaces 

Workspaces comprising of cubicles are shifting away and embracing open workspaces. Open spaces aim to encourage collaboration and teamwork as compared to cubicles that promote isolation. Partitions are either being completely removed or getting shorter. The lower walls are incorporated to promote employee interaction and to give them a sense of privacy.

Close to Nature 

This design involves integrating elements of nature in the office space, thus giving a feel of the outside environment within the office. This not only improves productivity but also reduces stress on a large scale. Other than incorporating plants, use of colors, patterns, textures, and fabrics that resemble nature or realistic imagery of nature in the form of paintings and photographs are in trend as well. Also, large windows can be installed to have access to natural lights.
Every workplace needs to adapt to changing design trends to ensure employee gratification.