Choosing a Ray-Ban according to your face shape

When you are looking for sunglasses that will look perfect on your face, the task will not be easy. This is because you get so many different styles and shapes of frames. And if you are shopping for a pair online, then it would be even more difficult. In order to get one of the best sunglasses frame, you should pick a Ray Ban Dubai from a renowned retailer. But to select the perfect pair out of the collection of Wayfarers, Aviators and Clubmasters, read on further to know which one will be an appropriate fit according to the face shape.


Considered to be the holy grail of face shapes, a round face shape has roughly the same width and height. They have no sharply-defined jawlines or pointed chins. They can pick up pretty much whatever frame they want. But talking specifically wayfarers, square frames, clubmasters will look perfect on their faces as these will create a definition on a round face.


Often hailed to be a perfect face shape, people with oval face shape have slightly narrower faces, than they are wide. They have no jutting out cheek bones and have a rounded jaw. The perfect Ray-Ban frames for an elongated round face shape are a Ray-Ban Wayfarer. An oval face shape will get some angles and lines with this geometric frame.


A square face shape is quite striking with an angular bone structure. Such a face has a wider jawline (the same as that of the hairline. There is a unique rule for choosing sunglasses for all face shapes that the sunglasses they pick should have frame which is opposite to their face shape. So for a square face, Aviators, having a frame with rounded lens, are the perfect choice.


A heart face shape will be wide across the cheek bones with a narrower chin. Such people ware blessed with a defined jawline. They can select thin frames like aviators, or can also go with semi rimless frames like clubmasters.

Well this article gives a brief idea on what kind of Ray-Ban frame will look perfect on a particular face shape, one can however play around with colors and lenses according to their choices.

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