Reflexology is not just foot massage

When it comes to relexology, there are so many people perceiving it as  a mere foot massage. If you are one of those, then the context of this article will enlighten you and change your mind entirely. After reading this, your skeptics regarding reflexology would definitely change and then you may want to get an experience of home beauty services Dubai for yourself. The information provided in this article will clarify the different misconceptions about reflexology.

Unlike a regular massage, reflexology is a technique involving expert therapists applying pressure by their thumb and fingers to the reflex points present on your hands, feet or even ears. All of these reflex points connect to specific areas of the body, and when they are gently pressurized or massaged, any pain, or an imbalance associated with these specific areas diminishes. Due to improper working of your body systems, calcium, minerals, and uric acid may get deposited in the reflex points which eventually leads to various issues  like improper circulation of blood, pain etc. A skilled reflexologist, using the various massage techniques break down these deposits and help in eliminating those issues by restoring the normal functioning of the systems. read more

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