Reflexology is not just foot massage

When it comes to relexology, there are so many people perceiving it as  a mere foot massage. If you are one of those, then the context of this article will enlighten you and change your mind entirely. After reading this, your skeptics regarding reflexology would definitely change and then you may want to get an experience of home beauty services Dubai for yourself. The information provided in this article will clarify the different misconceptions about reflexology.

Unlike a regular massage, reflexology is a technique involving expert therapists applying pressure by their thumb and fingers to the reflex points present on your hands, feet or even ears. All of these reflex points connect to specific areas of the body, and when they are gently pressurized or massaged, any pain, or an imbalance associated with these specific areas diminishes. Due to improper working of your body systems, calcium, minerals, and uric acid may get deposited in the reflex points which eventually leads to various issues  like improper circulation of blood, pain etc. A skilled reflexologist, using the various massage techniques break down these deposits and help in eliminating those issues by restoring the normal functioning of the systems. read more

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Choosing a Ray-Ban according to your face shape

When you are looking for sunglasses that will look perfect on your face, the task will not be easy. This is because you get so many different styles and shapes of frames. And if you are shopping for a pair online, then it would be even more difficult. In order to get one of the best sunglasses frame, you should pick a Ray Ban Dubai from a renowned retailer. But to select the perfect pair out of the collection of Wayfarers, Aviators and Clubmasters, read on further to know which one will be an appropriate fit according to the face shape. read more

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Salary requirements for sponsoring your dependents in UAE

Are you living alone in the UAE and want to bring your family to stay with you in the country,? The first thing you will require for them is a Family Visa in UAE. But sponsoring your parents or other dependents in the country can be a little overwhelming process. However, with a document processing firm it can make it quite easy.

This article will be discussing the salary required for sponsoring your dependents in UAE.

Sponsoring your parents

For sponsoring your parents and or parents-in-law in the UAE, your monthly salary should be above 20,000 AED (or 19,000 AED with accommodation). You can however send a request at your local immigration department and submit a request for an exception, if you do not meet this salary requirement. This department will make decision according to your case on a humanitarian basis. read more

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Everything you need to get Dubai entry visa for your family

You can expect a high standard of living, progressive state of mind, and a corruption-free environment in Dubai, because of which many people think about settling in this city. but the expatriates, often leave their family members in their home country. In order to keep the families together, the GCC member states have made appropriate provisions for getting family visa Dubai. This article shall be discussing the procedure of getting an entry visa for your family members in Dubai.

Requirements for sponsoring your family in Dubai read more

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What is next in responsive website design?

Web designing is although nothing new in this digital era, but creating a website that meets the goals and objectives of a business and building an exclusive online face matters. When you hire a good web designing firm for handling your digital tasks they will take care of these things and will also pay a special attention on website designing. Demands of today especially a responsive website design Dubai must be kept in mind and adjust in all devices regardless of screen size or type. Here are a few trends of a responsive website design that are being followed: read more

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Interior design – The secret to belittle workplace boredom 

Often offices are associated with a boring and dull environment. The latest trends in office interior reflect a major shift away from that old lifeless and stiff office interiors. This is because these current interior designs are being influenced by the hospitality industry, the economy and the need for legitimacy. The top interior design companies Dubaiare giving more and more attention to replacing boring office with a visually stimulating and youth-focused office that too in a cost-effective way.
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Different types of colorectal surgeries offered by Dubai clinics

Surgery is often considered to be the best treatment for removable colorectal cancer when detected in the early stages. Your colorectal surgeon Dubai willevaluatethe tumour and will check its location as well as its size. He would then suggest the best kind of surgery for curing, in fact eliminating your colorectal cancer out of open or laparoscopic surgery.

Out of the two types of surgeries mentioned, it was the open surgery that has been used as the most conventional method used for removing tumors. But with advancements in technology, laparoscopic and robotic surgeries have become quite popular. This is because the surgeons use small incisions or cuts to perform the surgery, and therefore decrease the recovery time. However, your healthcare team must be involved when deciding the kind of surgery you will be undergoing. Factors like surgeon’s experience, patient’s health, etc. should be taken into account before opting for the surgery type for colorectal cancer treatment. read more

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Things to know when purchasing tire online in dubai

Having good tires are of utmost importance for safe driving. Continuing to use old or worn tires beyond a certain point just for small cash savings can put your safety at risk. When you plan to buy tires online UAE, making the right decision matters. It can make a huge difference to your car's performance and if unsuitable could cause a variety of problems. Considering these points will make the whole process quicker and easier.

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Various kind of pet accessories and their importance

A prestigious online dubai pet foods dubai pet foods and pet accessories shop with an experience of over 15 years in pet care and product supplies, we are a family run business that started with an aim to create a widespread and fun-filled shopping place for all pet parents.Pet accessories play an important role in the life of your beloved pet. Not only does they make your little friend look but are also crucial to improve its experience around the house. Not to mention, these are the key attributes in maintaining its health.  You can find a plethora of pet accessories in the market, each serving a different purpose. Here we shall be taking a look at a few of them.

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Benefits of taking good nutrition food for your Dog

Just as you require a proper, well balanced diet to stay fit and healthy, so does your dog. In order to stay healthy and function well, your dog requires an appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water every day. The pet food manufacturers make sure to produce all such dietary products that provide everything your dog requires daily. They create food products to cater the nutritional need of puppies, adult or older dogs. They also design food products to control specific health conditions that a dog may suffer with.

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