Salary requirements for sponsoring your dependents in UAE

Are you living alone in the UAE and want to bring your family to stay with you in the country,? The first thing you will require for them is a Family Visa in UAE. But sponsoring your parents or other dependents in the country can be a little overwhelming process. However, with a document processing firm it can make it quite easy.

This article will be discussing the salary required for sponsoring your dependents in UAE.

Sponsoring your parents

For sponsoring your parents and or parents-in-law in the UAE, your monthly salary should be above 20,000 AED (or 19,000 AED with accommodation). You can however send a request at your local immigration department and submit a request for an exception, if you do not meet this salary requirement. This department will make decision according to your case on a humanitarian basis. read more

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Everything you need to get Dubai entry visa for your family

You can expect a high standard of living, progressive state of mind, and a corruption-free environment in Dubai, because of which many people think about settling in this city. but the expatriates, often leave their family members in their home country. In order to keep the families together, the GCC member states have made appropriate provisions for getting family visa Dubai. This article shall be discussing the procedure of getting an entry visa for your family members in Dubai.

Requirements for sponsoring your family in Dubai read more

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