Different types of colorectal surgeries offered by Dubai clinics

Surgery is often considered to be the best treatment for removable colorectal cancer when detected in the early stages. Your colorectal surgeon Dubai willevaluatethe tumour and will check its location as well as its size. He would then suggest the best kind of surgery for curing, in fact eliminating your colorectal cancer out of open or laparoscopic surgery.

Out of the two types of surgeries mentioned, it was the open surgery that has been used as the most conventional method used for removing tumors. But with advancements in technology, laparoscopic and robotic surgeries have become quite popular. This is because the surgeons use small incisions or cuts to perform the surgery, and therefore decrease the recovery time. However, your healthcare team must be involved when deciding the kind of surgery you will be undergoing. Factors like surgeon’s experience, patient’s health, etc. should be taken into account before opting for the surgery type for colorectal cancer treatment. read more

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